The real and honest mommy.

As a stay at home mom do you ever have days where you get to the end of the day, look around at your house and think, “What did I do all day?” Well I had one like that today. I know I was busy all day.  I didn’t just sit around, but the following pictures might suggest otherwise.

I normally pick up toys a few times a day, did I forget to do that today?  My boys have played sooooo well today. A lot of imagination, and not a lot of fighting!


I’ve thought about dishes all day today, but not once did I actually stand there and wash them!


I DID manage to get some laundry done, but none of it is folded.


So what DID happen today?


We DID go outside and played in the snow.

We DID walk over with Titus to his school and played in the big hallways, practicing big steps. little steps, backwards steps.

I DID take a bath. (yay for feeling clean!)

I DID bathe James and Gideon.

I DID read my Bible.

I DID  get an hour and a half nap, thanks to my ever loving husband!

I DID help Titus with a paper for school.

I DID do a panic clean up of the backyard because of all the snow coming down.

I DID take pictures of my kids:

One of the better ones:


Ever tried taking pictures of three kids 3 and under by yourself?


They don’t sit still very well


If only Faith’s head wasn’t all cockeyed!


My 3-year-old took this one:


And this little lady is 5 weeks old!


I MIGHT do a quick clean up after Faith goes to bed…or I might not. ha ha.

Oh and I DID write a blog post!!


3 responses to “The real and honest mommy.

  1. Had to read this. Thank you. My house looks about the same. Thanks for listing what you did do as well. Good to remember sometimes a mess is okay.

  2. Awww, I wish I was there to help. And I love those grand-kids so much.

  3. You did well that day!
    And you smiled!!! That is good.

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