Faith Modeling

Dear Aunt Alaina,

  Thank you so much for the clothes you sent me.  They are so pretty, and I look so good in them. 😉  I’m super excited to be wearing them all the time.  Mommy took some pictures of me so you can see them.

You’ve already seen this one.  Mommy really likes it because the dress is so long.


It’s so comfy I can sleep in it.


Big brother James decided to model with me:


This is one that Mommy took back and got the next size up.


Mommy had to take one back and they didn’t have that one anymore.  So Grandma picked this one out. See how it still matches the pants you bought?


These are the pants that actually came with the shirt.  I totally rock the skinny jean look!


And the last one:


Thank you again, Aunt Alaina! You are so sweet.  I must be your very favorite niece!!




2 responses to “Faith Modeling

  1. What a cutie!! Love all the outfits!

  2. I have the cutest niece!

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