Christmas stockings

I think my favorite part of Christmas Eve is putting stuff in the stockings.  Titus said he didn’t grow up doing much with Christmas stockings, but I did, so I guess it’s up to me.  I made all our stockings last year, but they didn’t have names until this year.

 This is Titus’ stocking. I didn’t make this one we bought it the first year we were married.  But I did use it as a pattern for the other ones.


Chantal’s stocking.  I looked and looked for one I liked and finally gave up and made one. I just love it!  And it looks so nice next to Titus’!


James’ stocking. It has little cowboy boots on it…perfect for my boot loving little man!


Then I made a ‘baby’ stocking.  I figure I won’t make a stocking for the each child until they are about two, so if they are under two then they get the baby stocking. That didn’t really work out very well this year since we have two kids under 2. 🙂  I thought about making one for Gideon but thought all my patterns and fabric were left in MN. Guess what I found when we put up the tree and all the decorations? Oh well, I have all of next year to make one for Gideon. Less pressure that way.


I love finding yummy snacks that I never ever buy to put in them.  This year both James and Gideon got cookie gold fish bags in their stockings. Plus they each got three little airplanes!  Titus got a Marine Corp charm thing that goes on a zipper, and gushers.  I put a mom hook in mine that I had just bought off mamabargines, and found out that my stocking is just wide enough for a package of oreos!!  Score! And yes, I stock my own stocking, what of it?  I need something to look forward to as well. 😉

It took me a year to get the names on them.  At first I bought iron on embroidery letters, but they weren’t red, and I couldn’t find red anywhere!  So I took them back and asked my mom to cross-stitch the names on them.  But we had trouble finding big enough letter for the stockings.  I guess I made pretty stockings!  Then we moved to Denver and I had the brilliant idea to get them custom embroidered.  I started calling around to get the best price.  I only ended up paying about $7 a stocking, which isn’t too bad considering how great they look.  I wish James’ name was bigger, but the only way he could do that was if he took the stocking apart.  For the next ones I make I’ll probably take just the cuff in and have him do the name before I sew it on the stocking.  That should help him be able to make it a little bit bigger.


I’m so excited to make more stockings as our family continues to grow!

9 responses to “Christmas stockings

  1. My favorite gifts always came in my stockings!

    • Every morning Christmas morning I always looked forward to what my parents put in my stocking! Except for the peanuts, we got peanuts every year and I don’t like them!! ha ha

  2. I had to add a stocking this year too, and it HAD to match all of ours. . Also…I stuff my stocking too. We always get an orange and a new toothbrush, plus other fun stuff.

  3. I couldnt believe how excited my girls were over the new barbie toothbrushes they got in their stockings this year! Lol

  4. Patricia Saukel

    My three got a toothbrush every Christmas in their stocking. They’re in their 20’s now and still expect that toothbrush. This year, Dakota actually threw her old one away on Christmas Eve. LOL

  5. Dad doesn’t put peanuts in any more. Lol.

  6. Fun! I love the stocking part of Christmas, too. And I love the idea of having a baby stocking. Susannah still doesn’t have her own officially; I was planning on making it before Christmas, but hopefully I’ll at least get it done sometime this year!!

  7. I love your stockings!

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