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Spring cook out – Winter walks

Last week we had such nice weather. So nice that I ran to the store and got some wood and hot dogs/brats to cook outside.  My little men were so excited about it. Titus cooking a brat. He gave me the first one, he’s so sweet to me!


The little people enjoying themselves: (I love how Gideon is looking at his hotdog!)


You can see me and Faith in the background. Can you believe I was actually worried she might get a sunburn? Is this January?


My country boy! Love him!


Faith and Mommy:




The next week (yesterday) we got dumped on with snow.  And we are supposed to get more every few days for the next week or so.  Maybe winter has finally come to Colorado?  Titus was asked to shovel the church side walks after it snows and of course James has to help. Aren’t they cute together?




The snow on his boots bothered him a bit:


Then the snow on his hands from touching his boots bothered him:


I should wear big sunglasses more often in pictures because it covers up my awful eye bags that are totally hereditary!


Exploring in the snow:


Kinda looks like the tree wants to start budding!


Gideon really wanted to be with Titus and James, but we had to stay in the back yard because Faith was sleeping and I had to keep checking on her.  This didn’t go over very well so after some crying we went back inside.


Pregancy Book Review (3 books and counting)

I have read a different pregnancy book with each one of my children.  I like to read about what’s happening to my body, and how the baby is growing. I get them all over the place: second hand stores, garage sales, and

With James I read the popular and standard “What to Expect When you Are Expecting”.


This book is pretty cut and dry about pregnancy. It has good info, and isn’t hard to read.  It has a once a month reading lay out.  There’s a reason it’s been a favorite for years and years.


With Gideon I read Dr. Sears, “The Pregnancy Book”.


I really liked this book, it’s the best one I’ve read so far. This is a read month by month book. It has ok info, but a lot of the info is how you are feeling emotionally (pregnancy is very emotional, so I liked that part of the book a lot!). He calls the baby a baby right from the start (many other pregnancy books call the baby a fetus at the beginning) and has quite a bit on family and getting dads involved.  You can tell he and his wife have had a lot of children.  The only problem with this book is that it’s terribly outdated (written in the 90’s), some of the info isn’t relevant anymore and they need to write an updated version!


With Faith I read (or tried to read) “Your Pregnancy Week by Week”.


I’m sure you can tell by the name of the book that this is one you read weekly.  I hated this book.  I’m not trying to be mean, but it’s dreadful. So bad that I never actually finished it, I only made it about half way through the book.  I’m not terribly excited about the week by week reading, it’s kinda hard to keep track of.  If it’s your first baby you probably keep track of your weeks better than you do on your third, so it might be better that way.  BUT, if you are a person that worries a lot then don’t read this book.  The book is full, I mean FULL, of obscure pregnancy infections and diseases that just MIGHT go wrong.  We are talking really low chances of getting any of these but she writes about every single one of them. If you worry then this book will just make you worry even more. She also writes about tons of different tests that you can do while pregnant. Pretty boring stuff in my opinion, your doctor or midwife can cover all this, I don’t want to read about it in a book too. I’m also pretty sure the author talks about aborting your baby about a third of the way through the book:

“If a pregnancy will be terminated, it can be done earlier and may carry fewer risks to the woman.” (top of the page on page 169)

Are you even kidding me? Who puts that in a pregnancy book?  I did stick with the book for a few more chapters and then gave up all together.  I did like how she put exercises at the end of each chapter (even though I didn’t do any of them, ha ha). It was something different that the other books I read didn’t put in.


None of the books I’ve read so far have been home birth friendly.  I’d just love to write my own book, geared for home birth mommies and daddies.  I’m just too busy with my kidos and behind on sleep to ever get it done.  Hopefully someone else will write one and get rich off it (since home birth is on the rise in America this is the perfect time to write one!)

I also would like to see some books coming out geared for not first time pregnancies.  Each pregnancy is different, and gets different as you have older kids to take care of.  I’d like to see books called, “Your 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) Pregnancy”.  One book I read recommended that when you give your kids a bath to stick your feet in the hot water for a bit.  I probably wouldn’t have thought of doing that had I not read it, but it sure did feel good on my feet when they hurt.  That kind of info would be great in not first time mom pregnancy books.

I’ll keep reading and update this blog post with each book I read.  I already found a new one I haven’t read yet for the next pregnancy around. 😉 Gotta get them cheap when you see them! ha ha

Winter Park Days

The past week as been so nice.  We have gone to the park three days in a row.  It’s great for my boys to run off some energy and to get some very valuable vitamin D.


On this day at the park there were twin 3 year old girls that had just as much energy as my boys.  James loved playing with them.



My little ham




Titus went with us to the park this day.  I took all the kids on Sunday by myself and it was a lot.  So I made him go with us.


Our little princess!


At the edge of the park is a Christmas tree recycling picking point.  It’s super depressing to walk by this every time we go to the park.  Our tree is in there some where:


The real and honest mommy.

As a stay at home mom do you ever have days where you get to the end of the day, look around at your house and think, “What did I do all day?” Well I had one like that today. I know I was busy all day.  I didn’t just sit around, but the following pictures might suggest otherwise.

I normally pick up toys a few times a day, did I forget to do that today?  My boys have played sooooo well today. A lot of imagination, and not a lot of fighting!


I’ve thought about dishes all day today, but not once did I actually stand there and wash them!


I DID manage to get some laundry done, but none of it is folded.


So what DID happen today?


We DID go outside and played in the snow.

We DID walk over with Titus to his school and played in the big hallways, practicing big steps. little steps, backwards steps.

I DID take a bath. (yay for feeling clean!)

I DID bathe James and Gideon.

I DID read my Bible.

I DID  get an hour and a half nap, thanks to my ever loving husband!

I DID help Titus with a paper for school.

I DID do a panic clean up of the backyard because of all the snow coming down.

I DID take pictures of my kids:

One of the better ones:


Ever tried taking pictures of three kids 3 and under by yourself?


They don’t sit still very well


If only Faith’s head wasn’t all cockeyed!


My 3-year-old took this one:


And this little lady is 5 weeks old!


I MIGHT do a quick clean up after Faith goes to bed…or I might not. ha ha.

Oh and I DID write a blog post!!

Faith Modeling

Dear Aunt Alaina,

  Thank you so much for the clothes you sent me.  They are so pretty, and I look so good in them. 😉  I’m super excited to be wearing them all the time.  Mommy took some pictures of me so you can see them.

You’ve already seen this one.  Mommy really likes it because the dress is so long.


It’s so comfy I can sleep in it.


Big brother James decided to model with me:


This is one that Mommy took back and got the next size up.


Mommy had to take one back and they didn’t have that one anymore.  So Grandma picked this one out. See how it still matches the pants you bought?


These are the pants that actually came with the shirt.  I totally rock the skinny jean look!


And the last one:


Thank you again, Aunt Alaina! You are so sweet.  I must be your very favorite niece!!



Christmas stockings

I think my favorite part of Christmas Eve is putting stuff in the stockings.  Titus said he didn’t grow up doing much with Christmas stockings, but I did, so I guess it’s up to me.  I made all our stockings last year, but they didn’t have names until this year.

 This is Titus’ stocking. I didn’t make this one we bought it the first year we were married.  But I did use it as a pattern for the other ones.


Chantal’s stocking.  I looked and looked for one I liked and finally gave up and made one. I just love it!  And it looks so nice next to Titus’!


James’ stocking. It has little cowboy boots on it…perfect for my boot loving little man!


Then I made a ‘baby’ stocking.  I figure I won’t make a stocking for the each child until they are about two, so if they are under two then they get the baby stocking. That didn’t really work out very well this year since we have two kids under 2. 🙂  I thought about making one for Gideon but thought all my patterns and fabric were left in MN. Guess what I found when we put up the tree and all the decorations? Oh well, I have all of next year to make one for Gideon. Less pressure that way.


I love finding yummy snacks that I never ever buy to put in them.  This year both James and Gideon got cookie gold fish bags in their stockings. Plus they each got three little airplanes!  Titus got a Marine Corp charm thing that goes on a zipper, and gushers.  I put a mom hook in mine that I had just bought off mamabargines, and found out that my stocking is just wide enough for a package of oreos!!  Score! And yes, I stock my own stocking, what of it?  I need something to look forward to as well. 😉

It took me a year to get the names on them.  At first I bought iron on embroidery letters, but they weren’t red, and I couldn’t find red anywhere!  So I took them back and asked my mom to cross-stitch the names on them.  But we had trouble finding big enough letter for the stockings.  I guess I made pretty stockings!  Then we moved to Denver and I had the brilliant idea to get them custom embroidered.  I started calling around to get the best price.  I only ended up paying about $7 a stocking, which isn’t too bad considering how great they look.  I wish James’ name was bigger, but the only way he could do that was if he took the stocking apart.  For the next ones I make I’ll probably take just the cuff in and have him do the name before I sew it on the stocking.  That should help him be able to make it a little bit bigger.


I’m so excited to make more stockings as our family continues to grow!