A New Year’s Eve Tradition!


When a couple gets married they have to either can all the traditions they grew up with and start their own. One spouse has to give up their traditions, or maybe just doesn’t care.  You take turns each holiday doing it one way then the other way.  Or you can try to cram yours, his, and new traditions all together.  Titus and I haven’t had too much trouble with traditions, the biggest one we actually butted heads about was whether or not the singing Christmas lights should go on the tree or on the wall (which is kind of a funny story you should ask me about some time). 

But as for New Years Eve, apparently we both grew up eating the same cookies! Score!!  Unbelievably I haven’t made them since we got married, but this New Year’s Eve I decided to break out the cooking stuff and make them.  Then I got on facebook and found out other people were making them too.  There is something very special, homey, and family oriented knowing that my mom (who is 790 miles away), my mother-in-law (who is 780 miles away), one of my favorite aunts (who is 1,120 miles away)  and another of my favorite aunts (who is 830 miles away) are all making the very same cookies for New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.  🙂

I had to call my mom before I even started to ask her about the recipe.  The recipe I have is from my grandma and it’s a bit old (I’ve never heard of cake yeast before!) After getting started I realized I’ve never made these on my own, and it’s been over 5 since I’ve made them!  I wasn’t sure they would even turn out!

It’s a pretty straight forward recipe: milk, eggs, yeast, flour, butter, and a bit of salt. You fry them up and coat them in sugar!


I’m not sure why we all call these cookies since they are more like donuts.  I had some trouble at first with the middle not getting done, which probably means the dough was too thick.  But I figured it out.  Plus I got to use my new yellow pot!  Cooking on yellow cookware is sooooo much more fun then anything else!


These are obviously not very healthy!  But very yummy!


My boys are fans of the New Year’s Eve cookies! It special knowing that something both Titus and I grew up eating our children will too (as long as I keep making them every year!)





I think next year I’ll make half a batch since it made a lot and I’ve already eaten far too many.


The finished product:


My mother-in-law’s finished cookies:


Aunt Sylvia’s cookies:


My Aunt Mimi’s cookies


I’m kinda hoping my mom and aunts will post their cookie pictures on facebook too so I can add their pictures to this post! (update! Thanks to my aunts for their pictures!)

Happy New Year everyone!  What’s some of your favorite New Year’s Eve traditions?


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