My boy’s room is finished!

Today I finished a big  project that I’ve been working on since at least September.  I finished decorating my boy’s room!!  It’s kinda sad, but even though James is three I’ve never decorated a child’s room before.  Our first two houses he didn’t have a room so I couldn’t do any nursery decorating at all.  He did have his own room in our third house but I had a new baby and was much much to tired to do much of anything let alone decorate a room.  When we moved here James and Gideon’s room was already painted a beautiful bright yellow.   It really helped that I didn’t have to paint.  It’s probably one of the reasons their room actually got done!  I already had a lot of the wall hangings and ideas of what I wanted to do to their room.  Their room is decorated in the Kidsline barnyard theme (hopefully I don’t get into trouble for getting this picture from e-bay!)


I bought three different sets from three different states on craiglist, Texas, Minnesota, and Colorado. 😀  Each set came with something extra that I wanted, but I did end up with doubles or triples of stuff.  Which was kind of did on purpose.  Both of my boys have out grown cribs and toddler beds so the quilt that comes with this set is too small.  So I decided to sew them each a quilt with the extra pieces that I had gathered together.  This ended up being a big project! But their room looks fabulous!!

I ended up with extras of a crib bumper, 2 crib skirts, a curtain, and a diaper stacker.  I also had to buy some extra fabric in matching colors to fill in the gaps and for the back of the quilts.  That ended up being kind of expensive but I bought it all at Hobby Lobby to support them! (You can rationalize anything if you really want too, ha ha!)


My sister Emma was still living with us and she helped me seam rip most of the already made bedding.  Let me just say this, it is MUCH MUCH easier and MUCH MUCH faster to start from scratch fabric then to take apart something that is already made. 🙂  And you wouldn’t believe how many seams are in a crib bumper!!

Believe it or not I don’t have a big enough space on the floor in any of my rooms to lay them side by side, so I had to over lap them.  And some how Gideon’s quilt ended up a bit smaller than James’. Not sure how that happened except that I made James’ first and so Gideon’s was more pieced together with what was left over.


James’ is the one in blue and Gideon’s is the one in yellow.  I really didn’t want to do blue but focus more on green and yellow just in case the new baby is a girl, but the blue really did look the best.


I also really didn’t want to tie them but quilt the pieces together.  But my sewing machine couldn’t quit do it, so they are tied. (which was horrible crawling around on the floor to tie with this big belly of mine!)


My boy’s room before:


And after:


Can you say WOW how great does that look?? ha ha.  And as a side note, yes I know Gideon is sleeping like a little king on his big bed.  The child rolls so much in his sleep that even a single mattress is too small.  I’m hoping to transition him into a single size after that baby comes.

I had to cut up the diaper stacker because I needed the white part to finish the edging on Gideon’s quilt.  I just barely had enough.  That left me with the picture though so I sewed up another wall hanging out of that:


Emma helped me do the stenciling on the walls.  Funny story, in our first house in Minnesota I had no closets, and no shelves.  And when I say I had none, I truly had none.  I was at Michael’s one day and they had all these letters with hooks on the end that were so cheap they were practically giving them away.  So I bought a bunch and we used them to hang our coats and other stuff on in that house.  When we moved to our second house in MN I actually had functional closets and didn’t need the letter hooks.  I had them hanging up in the storage room next to the wall hangings that would some day go in my boy’s room.  Late one night while rocking and nursing Gideon I noticed that a lot of the letters matched up with the animal and color.  And thanks to Emma for help with P is for pony we used all of them!

IMG_1630 IMG_1631 IMG_1632     IMG_1625

I also ended up with two crib mobiles so I turned one upside down and hung it under the light.  I think it looks cute, Emma thought it looked a bit weird. 😉


When I took apart the extra curtain for Gideon’s quilt I saved the tabs and sewed them to the extra crib size quilt to hang on the wall.  All I had to do was paint the wooden dowel red!


This red dresser is for Baby.  The nobs match the rest of the room, thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Penner!


I still have a compete crib bumper, skirt, quilt, sheets, mobile and two fleece blankets for the new baby that match.  😀  And as you can see in the very first picture (and as a hint to all the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and good friends) there are still many ‘extras’ that go with the room set that we don’t have. 😀 And I have all these scraps left over. Not sure what I’m going to do with them yet.


And because this is just so cute I had to add this picture.  I was sewing yesterday afternoon while Gideon was taking a nap and James called me over to show me this:


The baby sharks are nursing from the mommy shark. Goodness I think maybe we have taken this a little bit far. 🙂  But I do love the fact that he was playing by himself so I could sew!!


7 responses to “My boy’s room is finished!

  1. boy, have you been busy!!! it all looks so grand, Chantal! you are quite the inventor to figure out how to use all your extra things! good for you!!

  2. Wow, sooooo cute!!! Totally adorable bedroom!! And James’ mommy whale is as busy as you!!!!

  3. very cute, Chantal! And I love the letter hooks and stenciling on the walls with the wall hangings!!

  4. Looks fantastic!

  5. Boy I got mentioned a lot in this blog post!

  6. Wow! You are one talented mama! The room looks awesome! I’ll have to show you pictures of my kiddos room tomorrow. I had to move two kids with WAY too much stuff into one small bedroom. It turned out pretty good. See you in the am.

  7. I love it! You could use a couple of the extra scraps to make each of your boys a pillow that matches. That’s what came to my mind. I love how you put the pictures with the letter hooks! It looks so great in there!!

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