The funny moments

I truly love being a mom.  I love the little moments, the big moments and even the hard moments (afterwards of course).  I love the funny moments too! Being the mom of two toddler boys brings lots of funny moments.  This morning being one of them.  Gideon decided to get into his brother’s bath fully clothed, and found out that he didn’t like that one little bit!


I was actually in the other room for just a second when it happened.  But Gideon started crying loudly and James started yelling for Mommy!!  Boy was Gideon mad, and terribly worried about his wet clothes. ha ha  Gideon could not climb into the tub in our last house, and it didn’t occur to me that he would try to climb in fully clothed.  I guess either this tub is smaller or he has grown (or both!) 

And yes, I did make him cry there while I found the camera, tried to take a picture, figured out the memory card was in my computer, had to go get that and put it in the camera before actually getting him out. 😀  Once he had dry clothes on he was fine again. Cute little boy!


2 responses to “The funny moments

  1. I love how you had James cover up with tweedledee with his toy!!! 😉 it made me laugh!!!

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