Husbands and football :)

Apparently my husband likes football.  I mean, hours in front of the TV, the shouting at the TV, the standing up waving arms kind of likes football.  We’ve been married just short of 4 years and I had no idea. I remember a friend of my mom’s talking about football once years and years ago. I was a little girl and the conversation has stuck with me all these years.  She said that she grew up with her mom steaming in the kitchen every Sunday afternoon while her dad watched football.  This friend then said she purposely learned to like football so her future husband and her could get along about it.  She ended up marrying a man who liked golf instead but that’s another story.  The point was, she did everything she could to be supportive and those wise words from that friend of my mom’s so very very long ago was filed away for some reason to come out and be used now.  So I’ve decided to make Sunday unhealthy eating day, where I make a bunch of snacks for my football loving hubby to eat while watching the games.  Last Sunday I went to the store and planned a nice snack-meal for my hubby.  I didn’t quite make it all  the way unhealthy.  I’m not sure I have it in me to do that! We had:

Veggies and dip.  And no, I didn’t make my own dip. I thought about it, but chances are it wouldn’t go over very well so I bought some.  I have a ton left over too, so that might make it into next Sunday as well. 😉  I think Titus ate more of this than anything else! Yay for being healthy!


I also made my mom’s Velveeta cheese dip.  People, talk about unhealthy!! But it is sooooooo good!  And would be good on just about anything, chips, veggies, baked potato, noodles, you could probably dip chicken in it and bake!  I’ve only made this once before, because, let’s face it, I feel my arteries closing on me every time I eat it. Sadly the picture doesn’t do it justice.  I’ll admit it resembles dog food, so you’ll just have to trust me on the yumminess of it. 🙂

IMG_1505 IMG_1506

You have to have a little bit of sweet something on a snack day.  Titus went to the store with me and picked these out.  Since I was calling it, ‘his day’ I got the box and made them.  I’ve had better brownies personally.


I didn’t grow up with football on Sundays. Being a pastor’s kid my daddy took a nap every Sunday afternoon. To be honest, I don’t hate it, but I don’t totally get it either. 😉

Titus said he really enjoyed himself.  Which is exactly what I was going for. 🙂  I’d say this first time around was a success.  I’m already thinking about what to make for next Sunday!

I love you honey!!

6 responses to “Husbands and football :)

  1. Way to go!!! Fortunately, in our house, both of us LOVE football (& baseball), so that’s rarely an issue (in fact, Levi’s started noticing when games are on and gets so excited!). However, I understand not enjoying and/or understanding an interest your husband has…you have a great attitude towards it! Good job being supportive!

    • Julane that is so cute your son is starting to notice games! He will have so much fun with you guys when he gets older!!

  2. This is awesome!! You are being a great wife. My hubby doesn’t like football but he likes Legos. I’ve always tried to be supportive and hype about his interests even if I don’t like them.
    Keep it up! And eating unhealthy once a week is ok. we have pizza in Fridays. Good for you! Keep it up!

  3. I hate that Velveeta Rotel dip. Yuck! But I can’t stand Velveeta cheese either! ha! But I like that more than I like the Thanksgiving Broccoli Casserole that they make down here that has Cheez Whiz in it. That is BEYOND nasty. It’s surprising since I live in the Football belt, where EVERYONE is a football freak, (more so college than pros–I mean these people take their football seriously! And don’t let them find out you are a fan of the opposing team–you’ll be shunned!) that I married a guy that could care less about football! And I didn’t grow up in a football family either, we were all about some Sunday Afternoon Naps! 🙂

    • Oh…ps, if you need any ideas for coming up with good football snacks, just holler at me…I have tons of them up my sleeve….after all, we do live in the football belt 😉

    • That Cheez Whiz casserole sounds horrible! Do you guys make Green Bean Casserole for Thanksgiving down there? It’s horrible too and even though neither one of us likes it, some how I always end up being the one to make it. 😉 And you never know…in 3 years you might find out your hubby loves football. ha ha p.s. I took a nap with the kids last Sunday! 😀

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