Emma’s Birthday

So we celebrated Emma’s 15th b-day before she left to go back to MN.  Her birthday was on a Friday, but we didn’t really celebrate until Saturday morning.  So on Friday we had cake and let her open one present.  Titus bought her the sound track to her favorite TV show, H2O.  She said she didn’t even know there was a sound track.  Needless to say, she was totally surprised!

IMG_1424 IMG_1433 IMG_1434

Then on Saturday morning we took her to the Denver Aquarium to “Breakfast with Mystic Mermaids”.  She got to meet two of the mermaids and see them swim while we were eating.


And she got to open the rest of her presents



We got a discount to get into the rest of the aquarium so we did that too.  The kids did not seem to enjoy it nearly as much as the did last April. James was in a horrible mood too, not sure why.  We wanted to wait and see the shark feeding but we ended up leaving early.


Titus took the boys to the car and Emma got to see one last show put on by the Mermaids before leaving.



Happy Birthday Emma!

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