Our last date (for a long long time)

Last night Titus and I went on our last date for who knows how long.  Emma left this morning to go back to Minnesota but she very nicely let us go on a date before she left.  We went to eat at the Olive Garden, one of our very favorite places to eat.  We don’t live very far from one either!  Titus always orders the same thing, Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo with Shrimp.  I get something different every time.  The last time I was there I got a wonderful Garlic Chicken that I really wanted again, but they didn’t have it. So I got the Braised Beef & Tortelloni instead.  I almost never order beef at restaurants, especially with pasta but this was very very good.  They also had wine samples that night, which Titus likes to try, even though we have never found one we like.  So Titus got half a glass of wine to drink with his meal.  I also rarely order desserts because I’m too full, but I went all out last night.  It is, after all our last date for a while.


That my friends would be a pumpkin cheese cake and in the corner is some kind of chocolate mousse.  Both were excellent. Now we aren’t sure what happened next.  Titus was in a military talkative mood last night, and I just kept nodding while he talked on and on about it.  He was also wearing his red Marines t-shirt last night.  Whatever it was, when we ordered our dessert the waiter came back to tell us that the people sitting at the table behind us wanted to buy Titus a beer. A what???  That has never happened to us before, I was terribly confused.  We turned to look at the four people sitting at the table and the guy lifted his glass to Titus and said, “Semper Fi.”. LOL  Once a Marine always a Marine.  So they exchanged rank and such for a bit.  I told Titus to just say thanks but no thanks to the beer since he doesn’t drink beer (he would have been more excited to try a glass of wine. But of course a Marine isn’t going to buy another Marine a glass of wine ;)).  Titus said he’d order the beer but with the tab on and just take it home.  “There are some things you don’t turn down.” he told me.  I obviously don’t totally understand military pleasantries. 😉 


Poor Titus had it all worked out until the waiter told him in the state of Colorado it’s illegal to take the alcohol out of the restaurants, you have to drink it there.  Well that totally turned his very well made plan into mush.  He had already ordered it and had it at the table. He looked at me and said, “Am I really going to drink this?”  And he did, every drop.  When we left and he couldn’t find the truck in the parking lot I told him I was driving home. ha ha ha ha  Who is this man I married???  He said it didn’t sit well with his stomach at all, but he did sleep very well that night. 😉


Thanks Emma for the great last date! You are a gem.  Thanks honey, for taking me on a date.  And thanks random stranger for buying my husband a beer.  Ummm, wait, maybe not. 😀

8 responses to “Our last date (for a long long time)

  1. That’s how it is in any state! 🙂 Just curious though, what’s the difference between drinking wine & beer?

    • There really isn’t a difference between drinking either one. It would be the way Titus drinks them that is the difference. He just tastes the wine were as he would never sit down and drink a beer. He doesn’t like the taste of beer, or the wine he has tried so far. 😉 Another difference was that the wine was free (at least half a glass) and the beer wasn’t. I felt bad having someone pay for a beer that he wasn’t going to drink.

    • I can see how that was confusing the way I wrote it. So I edited it to make more sense (hopefully!)

  2. Make beer cheese soup or a beat bread they are so yummy!!

  3. Hilarious situation – enjoyed the read. As Benjamin Franklin said “Behold the rain which descends from heaven upon our vineyards, there it enters the roots of the vines, to be changed into wine, a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy.”

  4. This is so funny! You should sign the boys up for Awana at Highline. Wednesday nights. Drop them off and have a date while they have a blast at Awana!

  5. what a story! so if he finished the beer to the last drop, did he sort of like it? i was relieved that you drove home, chantal- i’m sure it must have affected his abilities! lol

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