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Just another morning

I love being a stay at home mom.  I get to spend time with my boys, and well, watch my house fall apart. ha ha  The boys were pretty busy this morning…making messes.  Some times it feels like all I do is pick up after them….oh wait, that is a huge part of being a stay at home mom.


While cleaning up that mess they made this one:

IMG_1603 IMG_1605

There must be something fun about dumping all the toys out and climbing in yourself.


The only time they aren’t making a mess is when they are watching TV.  Which yes I try to limit, but it can be hard some days.  Here they are watching the Tigger Movie with Daddy:


Can you say like father like son?



Last Friday we went for a long drive in the mountains and did just a little bit of hiking.  At the first stop James didn’t want to go at all, was in a horrible mood and kept talking about bears.  But by the end of the hike he was starting to have fun.  This first one was a very small trail that was pretty flat.  Perfect for little kids. 

IMG_1560 IMG_1562

We found this little stick hut that someone made.  James wouldn’t go in (still in a bad mood at this point).  I love Gideon’s hand on Titus’ leg!


We were far enough up that there was snow even though it wasn’t that cold.  The boys liked playing in it.

IMG_1565 IMG_1566 IMG_1569 IMG_1570

Always looking for Christmas family pictures!




By the end of the first hike James didn’t want to get back into the truck.  So I promised him we would stop again.  Well we missed our turn and drove and drove.  We weren’t too far from the city on the way back and I told Titus we HAD to stop because I had promised him.  So we saw a sign and stopped.  It ended up being quite a hike of which my body totally hated!  I am sooooo out of shape it isn’t even funny!

IMG_1577 IMG_1579

When we finally got to the top there were a bunch of rocks to climb on.  The boys thought that was fun!

IMG_1582 IMG_1586 IMG_1587IMG_1583

It was around dusk so you can’t really see the foothills/mountains behind James. But it was a beautiful view!


Gideon in the weeds!

IMG_1590 IMG_1593

Titus and our boys!


Another family picture! I can’t believe how well the boys sat for this since it was on a timer.  The blinking light must have caught their attention.


Gotta get one of Mommy and Daddy stealing a kiss!


Happy fall!


The funny moments

I truly love being a mom.  I love the little moments, the big moments and even the hard moments (afterwards of course).  I love the funny moments too! Being the mom of two toddler boys brings lots of funny moments.  This morning being one of them.  Gideon decided to get into his brother’s bath fully clothed, and found out that he didn’t like that one little bit!


I was actually in the other room for just a second when it happened.  But Gideon started crying loudly and James started yelling for Mommy!!  Boy was Gideon mad, and terribly worried about his wet clothes. ha ha  Gideon could not climb into the tub in our last house, and it didn’t occur to me that he would try to climb in fully clothed.  I guess either this tub is smaller or he has grown (or both!) 

And yes, I did make him cry there while I found the camera, tried to take a picture, figured out the memory card was in my computer, had to go get that and put it in the camera before actually getting him out. 😀  Once he had dry clothes on he was fine again. Cute little boy!

The first snow!

The first snow is always exciting. I remember waking up as a kid every morning hoping for the first snow.  And now with my own kids it’s fun all over again.  Now personally I don’t want snow in October, especially since fall just started and I’d like to enjoy it, but we woke up to about an inch on the ground this morning.  It wasn’t in the forecast I read so it was a complete surprise.  I don’t think James remembers snow from last year because he thought it was pretty cool.  Last year he pronounced snow with an S at the end, snows, but it sounded more like nowse.  It was soooo cute and I’m going to miss him saying it that way. James had to go outside right away so he and I got our boots on.  I couldn’t get him to wear a jacket and he looked terribly cold to me.


James and Mommy



IMG_1538 IMG_1539 IMG_1542

When he first saw the snow from the window he asked right away where all the dirt was. ha ha, I told him it was under the snow.  So he had to go check out his dirt pile:


Then I showed him he could eat it.  He thought that was pretty cool and tried snow at different points all over the back yard. So cute!

IMG_1544IMG_1545IMG_1547 IMG_1548 IMG_1549

By that time Gideon woke up.  We’ve had two really really hard nights with Gideon (lots of crying for hours during the night).  He woke up with a horrible cold this morning.  I’m starting to wonder if maybe he has an ear infection (or maybe two ear infections) and that’s why.  It’s terribly unfair to be sick on the first day of snow.


An hour to two later Titus got up and said, “It snowed! We have to go play in it!” He was a bit behind, but we got everyone ready again (James still refusing to wear a jacket. What are we going to do this winter?? ha ha) The snow had already started to melt by then.

IMG_1554 IMG_1556

Titus and the boys made the cutest little snowman!


All the snow melted by the end of the day, except maybe stuff in really shady spots and the bottom part of the snowman.  Maybe we will still get a fall after all.  About three or four weeks ago someone told Titus when you can see snow on the foothills/mountains Denver gets snow 2 weeks later.  And she was pretty close!

Bbq Chicken and rice

Want to know something really really yummy??  I made bbq chicken the other night to eat on buns.  But instead of eating them on buns I cooked up some zucchini and squash and layered that with rice and topped it off with the chicken. Wow was that good.  I’m a sucker for good food, even more so when I’m pregnant (because goodness the calories I consume when I’m pregnant, which my midwife is all for.  She tells me to eat all the time! I knew we picked her for a reason. 😉 )

Ever since living in Ecuador I put weird things on rice.  The hubbs thinks it’s weird at least.  But I’ve made some yummy suppers and breakfasts using rice.  And this one is super good!

First you need a bowl of rice. I normally eat brown but I didn’t have that on hand so I made white rice this time.  Then you either saute your squashes, or cook them in a tiny bit of water.  I tried both and both are good.  I didn’t season them at all but you could if you really wanted too.


I like to layer my rice bowls unless it’s a breakfast rice bowl, then I mix it up. After your veggies, top with your shredded bbq chicken.


And that’s it! A very yummy, healthy supper that will keep you full for a nice long time.  Unless you are 32 weeks pregnant then you might be eating again in a few hours. 😉

Husbands and football :)

Apparently my husband likes football.  I mean, hours in front of the TV, the shouting at the TV, the standing up waving arms kind of likes football.  We’ve been married just short of 4 years and I had no idea. I remember a friend of my mom’s talking about football once years and years ago. I was a little girl and the conversation has stuck with me all these years.  She said that she grew up with her mom steaming in the kitchen every Sunday afternoon while her dad watched football.  This friend then said she purposely learned to like football so her future husband and her could get along about it.  She ended up marrying a man who liked golf instead but that’s another story.  The point was, she did everything she could to be supportive and those wise words from that friend of my mom’s so very very long ago was filed away for some reason to come out and be used now.  So I’ve decided to make Sunday unhealthy eating day, where I make a bunch of snacks for my football loving hubby to eat while watching the games.  Last Sunday I went to the store and planned a nice snack-meal for my hubby.  I didn’t quite make it all  the way unhealthy.  I’m not sure I have it in me to do that! We had:

Veggies and dip.  And no, I didn’t make my own dip. I thought about it, but chances are it wouldn’t go over very well so I bought some.  I have a ton left over too, so that might make it into next Sunday as well. 😉  I think Titus ate more of this than anything else! Yay for being healthy!


I also made my mom’s Velveeta cheese dip.  People, talk about unhealthy!! But it is sooooooo good!  And would be good on just about anything, chips, veggies, baked potato, noodles, you could probably dip chicken in it and bake!  I’ve only made this once before, because, let’s face it, I feel my arteries closing on me every time I eat it. Sadly the picture doesn’t do it justice.  I’ll admit it resembles dog food, so you’ll just have to trust me on the yumminess of it. 🙂

IMG_1505 IMG_1506

You have to have a little bit of sweet something on a snack day.  Titus went to the store with me and picked these out.  Since I was calling it, ‘his day’ I got the box and made them.  I’ve had better brownies personally.


I didn’t grow up with football on Sundays. Being a pastor’s kid my daddy took a nap every Sunday afternoon. To be honest, I don’t hate it, but I don’t totally get it either. 😉

Titus said he really enjoyed himself.  Which is exactly what I was going for. 🙂  I’d say this first time around was a success.  I’m already thinking about what to make for next Sunday!

I love you honey!!

Emma’s Birthday

So we celebrated Emma’s 15th b-day before she left to go back to MN.  Her birthday was on a Friday, but we didn’t really celebrate until Saturday morning.  So on Friday we had cake and let her open one present.  Titus bought her the sound track to her favorite TV show, H2O.  She said she didn’t even know there was a sound track.  Needless to say, she was totally surprised!

IMG_1424 IMG_1433 IMG_1434

Then on Saturday morning we took her to the Denver Aquarium to “Breakfast with Mystic Mermaids”.  She got to meet two of the mermaids and see them swim while we were eating.


And she got to open the rest of her presents



We got a discount to get into the rest of the aquarium so we did that too.  The kids did not seem to enjoy it nearly as much as the did last April. James was in a horrible mood too, not sure why.  We wanted to wait and see the shark feeding but we ended up leaving early.


Titus took the boys to the car and Emma got to see one last show put on by the Mermaids before leaving.



Happy Birthday Emma!