A New Name

So my blog name is map dot family, which was explained in one of my very first posts.  If I knew how to do those cute little links in a word I’d do that for you right now, but I don’t.  And since a little someone decided to get up at 6:30 this morning I’m too tired to try to figure it out. (By the way, I don’t do 6:30 a.m.! 7 is my limit!) Anyway, mapdotfamily was pretty cute, it explained our family and where we live very well.  Well since the move we are no longer a map dot family.  Pretty sure Denver Colorado isn’t a map dot, and if you have had any kind of geography you’ll know where it is.  So, I need a new blog name.  I was thinking about something generic, like




But I’d like something a little bit more if you know what I mean.  If I knew the future I would do something like:



Lifeinthefastlane (raising high energy boys)


But who knows if we will stay living in the city or if we will keep having boys or sigh, if we will keep having such bad sleepers! 🙂  I also thought about doing something familyish with blessings or love in there, but that’s pretty over done.  Or something about being pregnant, since I feel like I’m always pregnant.  But that might not always be either. Fertility is taken for granted until you don’t have it anymore.

So what is my blog about? It’s really just about our family, recording our ups and downs with pictures for our kids to see when they are older.  It’s a cheaper and easier version of scrapbooking. 😉  If we don’t ever move back to MN then the blog will have a new meaning for all the family we left behind as a way to keep them updated with life news and pictures.

So I’m turning to all you lovely people, that get way more sleep then I do, to come up with something cute and fun. Preferably something that doesn’t have to be changed every few years and something short and easy that I can spell. 😉 Ready? GO!

6 responses to “A New Name

  1. Personally, I don’t think I’d change it. Is mapdot about who you are in your heart, your roots, what you desire to be, or is it about where you currently are? Just some thoughts.

  2. mommyfessionals. confessionsofawifeandmom. Pennertales. BeingMrsandMommy ThemanynamesofChantalP (wife, mommy, daughter, sister etc). barefootandpregnant? ha ha

  3. camofamily. The tale of a family that survives and florishes whether it be in the marines, in the country, city or whatever the future may bring

  4. I like map dot. Any city is a dot on a map. Think of all the dots in your lives! Where Titus was born, where you were born, and where each of your kids were/will be. So far they’re all different! I’m starting to envision a wall hanging of a map

  5. Wow, Hillary was awake this morning! I really like Pennertales! After I posted I also came up with IkissbetterthenIcook, since we don’t seem to have any problems with offspring, but coming up with a decent meal that Titus will eat can be a little bit hard. Elsie, and Donna, you are making me think about the mapdotfamily bigger then I originally thought. To me a map dot isn’t a big city.

  6. I think we all have different ideas of what that means.

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