That ‘oops parenting’ moment

Being a parent is hard.  Just plan and simple.  Every day you have to make choices that not only affect you, but the lives of your children as well.  There are tons of parenting books out there these days, couple that with the amazing internet and any parent is doomed to fail in today’s age.  There also seems to be a rather ‘free to parent other people’s kids’ attitude out there as well, particularly among the child-free population.  Just recently I had someone (who has no children of her own mind you) shout over my head to one of my children to not do something. Do you really not see me here??? That is my child and I’ll tell him no, thank you very much. 


Which brings me to today.  I probably should have said no this time around.  Painting toe nails is strictly a girl thing in this country.  A few months ago I painted my nails outside and didn’t have any problems with James wanting to do it too.  Not this time.Oops!  Boy was he interested!!  I had just told him he couldn’t climb to the top of the van roof and clean it. Maybe I should have let him do that so I could paint my nails, but what ever.  So he came wandering over to see what I was up to.  As soon as I dumped the bag of polish on the outside steps and James said, “Oooo!” I knew I was in trouble. Oops! Maybe I should have packed it all up then and waited until later (like after he was asleep), but I can be stubborn and I really wanted to do it now.  James didn’t let up either, “James do it?” “This one?” “Pink?”  So I gave him a color I thought wouldn’t show up and let him paint his toe nails.  Oops!  Well one color led to another and lets just say, all 10 toes were a rainbow by the end.  You’d think I’d have learned my lesson 20 years ago when I got in huge trouble painting my little brother’s toe nails bright pink on Saturday night.  But noooooo, I guess not. Oops!


But you know what? It was a great, fun time with James.  He kept me laughing at his cute little words.  I even heard him say something new today, “Just a minute!” when I told him it was time to be done.  I didn’t know he could say that!  We went and stood in the pool for a bit kinda hoping it would wash off, but it didn’t.  I was trying to brainstorm how I was going to get all that off before tomorrow, which happens to be a Sunday. Another oops! What is with me and painting little boy’s toe nails on summer Saturdays when they wear sandals everywhere???  I decided the only way to get his off was to take mine off too.  So I told him we were going to clean our feet next.  He also had a GREAT time with this!  Apparently putting nail polish remover on paper towels is great fun to a 2-year-old.  I was able to scrub his feet while he was busy with the remover.  And I only had to take off the polish on one of my toes!


Will I do it again? Probably not.  And I now doomed myself to painting my nails in dark closets until he’s too old to want to anymore (what age is that at? 10???).  But do I regret it? Absolutely not!  He had so much fun, and I had fun watching him.  It even turned educational because we practiced colors. 😀  If I had said no we both would have missed out. Maybe next time we’ll use some kind of wash off paint.  Now if you will excuse me, I have to go scrub a small spot on the upstairs carpet that seems to some how gotten purple polish on it. We are after all trying to sell this house. Oops!


IMG_1066 IMG_1068


2 responses to “That ‘oops parenting’ moment

  1. Oh, wow, does this bring back memories!!!! Only I didn’t have any remover. Lol. Luke had red toenails for a week!!! Lol.

  2. Laura Reznicek

    Adorable!! Great Article! 😀

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