Boys and mud.

During the church service James and Gideon played with their second cousin, Wade, in the mud.

IMG_0885 IMG_0886 IMG_0889 IMG_0890

We got smart after a bit and took off any clothes that had white on them.

IMG_0892 IMG_0893

Then one little boy got sprayed with muddy water by a ball.


Daddy tried to comfort him, but he just needed Mommy this time.

IMG_0896 IMG_0895 IMG_0899

Wade, my cousin’s cute little boy! He’s just a few months older than Gideon.

IMG_0910 IMG_0911

James and his truck went mudding!

IMG_0900 IMG_0901 IMG_0918

A picture of me.  I’m always taking the pictures and am never in them anymore. Life story of a mom!


2 responses to “Boys and mud.

  1. Man, I’m kinda sorry I missed this. Sooo cute!

  2. Love your hair shorter!

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