Family Reunion on Chantal’s side

We have been in the Black Hills for the last few days enjoying a family reunion on my (Chantal’s) side.  Warning, lots of pictures coming!

At the beginning of the trip! Happy boys eating cereal for breakfast while watching Charlotte’s Web.  Notice the flowers between Titus and I. 🙂  I just couldn’t leave them at home when he had just giving them to me. Now they are sitting on the table in our cabin. 🙂

IMG_0854   IMG_0856

A neat storm that we drove through.  It had two fronts that moved through, and it dropped 20 degrees outside!

. IMG_0857

A nice break from driving at a gas station in Wall.  We had caught up to Mom, Emma, Levi, and Lincoln at this point and were driving together.  Gideon is excited about the candy bag in his hands.

IMG_0860       IMG_0859

Second cousins Wade and Gideon.  If they get together enough they just might be as good of friends as their mommies are.

IMG_0861       IMG_0862


IMG_0866       IMG_0864

Talking and more talking:

IMG_0875       IMG_0877

Boys will be, humm, boys. It’s impossible to get a normal picture of them.  My brothers and one of my cousin’s sons.

IMG_0869        IMG_0868

But then they started teaching James how to do it. Not cool!


Grandma Norma and A. Mimi


Off to the side of the dinning room there is a big mostly empty space for the kids to run. I’m loving it since I can eat with two hands! The kids are loving it too! Add a few balls and they are happy!

IMG_0880 IMG_0881

Grandpa’s 90th birthday party. It was so cute to see him excited about presents!

IMG_0980 IMG_0982 IMG_0983

My tired men:



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