Daily Archives: July 3, 2013

Prayer for our new house

My hope and prayer for a new house in Denver is:

~A house, townhouse, or condo. NOT an apartment.  It will stress me out to live in an apartment with kids.

~A fenced in yard, back or front, it doesn’t matter.

~A big enough yard to have a garden.

~Close to Titus’ school.  I don’t want him wasting time driving a long ways.  We aren’t going to see much of him as it is.

~At least three bedrooms. One for Titus and I, one for James and Gideon, and one for Baby.  🙂

~Close to a park.  It’s going to be a big change for me to have to drive to everything.  I’m used to walking or riding my bike to the library, park, store and anything else.   If we could at least walk to a park that would be great.

~Reasonably priced, which I’m finding out is hard to find.

~No mold or mildew in the house.  We did that for a year and James was so sick the whole time!

~A nice kitchen, I spend so much time there.

~Some what private, not on a busy road.

We are going next week to look at houses.  We’ll see how many of these things I can get

and how many I’m going to have to let go.