Part 2: Big boys, little boys, NEW dirt, & almost bad news.

So I should have held off on that last post since they dug into our yard today and were even closer then before.  My boys have been playing really well in the dirt where they took out the sidewalk.  But today they dug into that very spot and up our driveway a bit.  My boys were just standing in the yard watching them work, when the man that works the excavator dumped a bunch of clean new dirt on the sidewalk to the left of where they were digging.  Just for my boys! 🙂  They were so excited!

IMG_0678     IMG_0679


Titus says it’s actually gravel not dirt. Well whatever it is it’s fun!

IMG_0683     IMG_0686

The nice man that gave us the new dirt:


Picture of Titus and myself. The first picture had our neighbor’s house in the back so we decided to take another one with our house in the back. 🙂

IMG_0690     IMG_0691

They were replacing the sewer line that goes to our house. This is the closest they have been yet.

Taken from our front door

Taken from our front door

Taking out part of the driveway:


Happy boys:


IMG_0692     IMG_0694

I have been very impressed with the crew working here. They constantly look out for my boys. When they are cutting off a pipe with the big power saw they put themselves between the sparks and my boys.  One day James wondered off and when Titus found him one the of guys was bringing him back.  James says hi to every man that walks by and they all talk to him.  The boss man stopped a few days ago and asked how James’ work was going and if he was going to have a busy day. 🙂  One guy even gave James a long ride on the packer a few weeks ago!! I do wonder what these men must think of stay at home moms after watching my sit in a chair for hours every day. 🙂 I’m probably giving all mom out there a bad name.

Today we got a paper saying that we can’t park on 6th ave at all anymore.  I was highly frustrated.  I don’t have it too bad right now.  I only have to walk about half a block to get to my van or to take my trash to the curb.  When I have a lot to carry into the house I park in our neighbors driveway to unpack.  If I have to start parking at the every least a block away (possibly more) and haul two kids, diaper bags and anything else all that way I’m going to never leave the house again! ha ha. But I talked to one of the guys and they are just pulling up the tar tomorrow, so it will only be one day.  He said it will be 3-4 weeks before they actually start digging.  What happy happy news!!!!  Only I don’t think we will have moved yet, which could be a big big problem if we can’t get a moving truck close enough to our house. I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get closer to moving.

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