Denver Aquarium!

While we were in Denver scoping out a college that Titus is interested in we went to the Denver Aquarium.  On a whole, the trip was horrible.  Everyone got sick. We weren’t sleeping well.  And it was terribly cold in Denver and we couldn’t do anything outside. This was my facebook post the next morning after arriving:

Wow what a night. We drove all the way to a sub of Denver yesterday. I started out this trip sick, now both my kids are starting to get sick. Gideon woke up every hour to nurse. And not a little 5 min nurse either, but both sides, sometimes 3 sides(can you figure that one out?? ha ha) He also clamps down and scrapes off when he nurses at night, so by morning I was burning!! James wouldn’t sleep with Alaina and Emma, so he started out with me and Titus. at 2 in the morning I wake up and Titus is just standing in the room. I ask why and he says he can’t sleep because the floor is to hard. sigh!! Isn’t he big enough to move kids around himself? So I moved James over to Alaina and Emma, which he only stayed over there for about 4 hours before moving back over to me. To top it off Titus bought me a new pillow for my birthday that you fill with water. It’s so heavy that when I sleep on my side with my hand under it it cuts off circulation. I kept waking up with tingly hands!! Why do I leave my house??  PLUS Denver got a few inches of snow, and more is coming. On April 9th? Are you kidding me? The snow is not encouraging me to move here at all…..  It gets worse!! I’m having pain from my wisdom teeth again, all day. Gideon is teething, so I’m sure his mouth is hurting him too!

Okay, so maybe I was complaining a little bit, or a lot. But it really was a miserable trip.

This was the first time taking James to something like this and he enjoyed himself very much.

IMG_0509 IMG_0508 IMG_0507 IMG_0505 IMG_0504 IMG_0503 IMG_0501 IMG_0500 IMG_0496 IMG_0493 IMG_0491 IMG_0490 IMG_0488 IMG_0486 IMG_0482

The shark tank was by far the favorite.  Both my boys enjoyed it a lot.  It was quite impressive with high and wide walls of glass.  The kids could see well. The search for a new family picture didn’t go so well though. As you can see. Maybe next time. 🙂 Believe it or not Titus is leaving on Saturday to go to Texas.  I must not have learned anything from this trip as I am thinking about going with him. 😛 Oh no oh no!

One response to “Denver Aquarium!

  1. Ya, your kids gave it to me. I am completely wiped out. 😦

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