With just a little bit of paint

I was inspired by my cousins to paint just the inside of my shelves. I love how they turned out!! James’ dresser needed some paint as well so I did that the same week. Here are the before and after pictures!

The two shelves in my living room before paint. Sadly I didn’t take a before one of the dining room although you can kinda see it in the corner of the first picture.

James’ dresser. I paid .50 cents for it!

Living room shelves after:

Dining room shelf after:

Here is a shot of all three shelves. I should have cleaned first, but my heart wasn’t in it. 🙂

James’ dresser:

I can’t believe how much color it has added to our house with all white walls! It was an easy fix since painting a whole wall/room is totally over whelming right now! 🙂 It  is so fun having a house to decorate and paint!

3 responses to “With just a little bit of paint

  1. They look so good! Love it!

  2. They are so pretty!

  3. It looks wonderful, Chantal!!

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