Monthly Archives: March 2013

With just a little bit of paint

I was inspired by my cousins to paint just the inside of my shelves. I love how they turned out!! James’ dresser needed some paint as well so I did that the same week. Here are the before and after pictures!

The two shelves in my living room before paint. Sadly I didn’t take a before one of the dining room although you can kinda see it in the corner of the first picture.

James’ dresser. I paid .50 cents for it!

Living room shelves after:

Dining room shelf after:

Here is a shot of all three shelves. I should have cleaned first, but my heart wasn’t in it. 🙂

James’ dresser:

I can’t believe how much color it has added to our house with all white walls! It was an easy fix since painting a whole wall/room is totally over whelming right now! 🙂 It  is so fun having a house to decorate and paint!

MUMS Date Night!

Titus and I went to the MUMS Date Night again this year. We dressed up A LOT, which I thought everyone else was doing too, but it turns out that we were the only ones. ha ha…oh well.  We had a ton of fun getting all fancy.  I’m thinking we need to do more really dressy dates!! 😀

Fun fact of the night, we were the couple that had been married the fewest amount of years, but we have more kids then some of the couples that had been married for years longer then us. 😉 I guess that’s what happens when you have two kids in two years starting on your honeymoon. 🙂 And we wouldn’t trade them for the world.

  Below are the pictures from the photo booth that they had there!

The kissing booth:


The silly booth (Polaroid) :


I love you honey! Lets go on lots more dates!