Christmas Letter 2012


Hi Family and Friends!

Here we are at Christmas time yet again! What does the time go? Since we didn’t send out a letter last year we have quite a bit to catch up on.

I am sure you all know we have moved back to Minnesota from Hawaii (facebook sure does help keep people posted doesn’t it???).  We have been back for two years now.  What a great two years we have had.  Our biggest news this year is the birth of our second son, Gideon Jonathan Penner! Here are some personal updates:

~Titus (26) is fulfilling his dream of being a dairy farmer. He has taken over the dairy from his dad for almost two years now. He does like it, but some times wonders if he wouldn’t like to do something else.  Titus does think about going back to college, on the G.I. Bill, but we haven’t taken the step yet (maybe in Colorado?). He also loves our big, white Ford truck that we drive. Rather a HUGE step up from the beater station wagon we drove in Hawaii! He loves theology and the high light of his year was going to Texas for the Free Grace conference in Dallas.

~Chantal (5 weeks younger the Titus) is also fulfilling her dream of being a wife and mother.  She loves being a stay at home mom. She loves having two sons so close in age (although it as NOT been easy!). In August due to one of Titus’ Military friends moving in with us she started meal planning for the first time. It has made such a difference! She also loves the new house we moved to this summer. It was kinda stressful (Gideon was only a month old), but the house is beautiful and we have so much more space. Please come visit us as she loves to entertain with such a pretty house now!

~James (2) is filling his little life with anything he can get his hands or mind on. He loves his baby brother (he calls him Dee Dee), Curious George, chocolate milk , and TRACTORS! We had a hard start with James as he cried all the time and he got 16 teeth in a year, but he is such a happy, fun little boy now. The highlight of the year for him was harvest since he was able to spend a lot of time with Daddy driving (I mean riding) the tractor and combine.

~Gideon (8 month) was born at home on April 4th 2012 at 10:45 in the morning. He was a big boy weighing in at 9 pounds 6 ounces! He loves his big brother, his pacifier, and nursing at night.  We also had a rough start as Mommy had to go on a strict diet, no dairy or wheat for a few month! But when Mommy did the hours and hours of crying i the evening finally stopped.  He has continued to grow faster then James. In November he was weighing 18 pounds already. James weighed 18 pounds at a year. Of course that might have more to due to the fact that he nursed EVERY hour and half during the night until recently (poor mommy!). He really wants to walk and eat animal crackers, but mommy said no, not yet to both of those. 🙂

~Dustin and Samantha Starweather moved in with us a few months ago. Titus and Dustin are Marine buddies and we hare helping them get back on their feet.  It is entertaining to hear the men sit around and complain about the military.  If anyone wants to be talked out of enlisting please come over and these guys will do just that! Ha ha  Samantha stays home with Chantal and Dustin is working in Jackson. They have plans to move to Jackson as soon as they can.

We hope you are all well and happy! Have a very Merry Christmas!

Love, Titus Chantal, James, and Gideon

Christmas Morning:

Christmas morning

The Christmas picture that was sent out with the letter:



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