The Great No Expectations

Before I became a wife and a mother I had expectations about what it would be like.  I thought our home would be filled with children laughter (and lots of children), that I would have a happy and healthy supper on the table every night, that Titus and I would work as a team in parenting…you get the idea.  In reality my story of being a mommy hasn’t been so flowery.  I love my children, and I feel as though I’ve grown as a person in being their mother.  But. it. is. exhausting!  Last week a dear friend and I were talking about the ins and outs of being mommies and wives.  I told her, for me, it comes down to having expectations.  If I expect my children to be happy, to go to bed on time, to play together nicely or eat what I put in front of them and this doesn’t happen I’m let down.  If I expect Titus to take pity on me and help me take a nap, or maybe wash the dishes or to like the supper I made 😉 and it doesn’t happen I am disappointed.  If I could learn to live my life with out any expectations I would be such a happy person! What would that look like?

~I didn’t sleep all night, no problem!

~Supper wasn’t any good, no problem!

~Because Titus is human and  doesn’t see that I’m starting to lose it big time, no problem!


But I think that as a person, one would lose a lot about life if we truly could learn to live with no expectations.  At certain times in our lives we must lower our expectations that is true. But to do without them completely? Well is that really what we want? In getting rid of all expectations it almost seems we would be getting rid of hope as well. And no one can live with out hope.  So while I might secretly hope that I might get 3 straight hours of sleep tonight, I’ve lowered my expectations to a reality level (I’ll be lucky to get 2!).

I need to learn to have expectations that are actually met half the time.  And when they aren’t met? Well I need to learn to let that roll off  and just go with the flow!

Nov 2012

Nov 2012


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