The 15 feet move.

A few days ago I moved Gideon from the co-sleeper next to our bed to a pack-in-play in another room.  It’s only about 15 feet from where he was before…but I’m having a hard time. I worry that he isn’t breathing, or he’s too cold, or too warm.  In the co-sleeper I could check on him so easily. But he is way too big for the co-sleeper, and now that he can pull himself up I’m worried he can fall out.  It was time.  We moved a rocking chair into that room and now I nurse him during the night in a cold room on a rather uncomfortable chair, instead of him snuggling next to me in my bed.  He is sleeping better though, sleeping 2+ hours straight instead of 1.5.  The first night he slept 5 straight! He hasn’t done that since May, 4 months ago! wow!  Two nights ago we had a hard night.  He woke up a little after 1 and nursed on both sides but wouldn’t go back to sleep.  I rocked and rocked him.  He cried for a few minutes and then I’d rock and rock again.  By after 3 I was so tired I decided to try my bed.  He snuggled right down and went to sleep.  😀  He just needed his mommy close that night, which warmed my heart. 🙂

The old bedroom:


You can see the problem with the co-sleeper:


His new room:


Right now it’s just a big closet that we use for storage.  But we have semi-plans to remodel it into a little nursery.  It would be such a cute little room when finished!  I hope it happens.


3 responses to “The 15 feet move.

  1. Should I put pictures of how I moved the kittens? THey are now able to pull themsleves up and out of their fence.:( Your little buddy is so cute!

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