Leap Year Post!

One simply MUST add a post on leap day since you can’t do it again for another 4 years.  Even if the post is a rambling mess that doesn’t really mean much, it still must be done!!


I’m rather disappointed in leap day.  I think we should have parties, or a parade, or something fun to celebrate.  It is after all a very interesting day when you really think about it.  The most exciting thing I have found out so far today is that Bible reading plans don’t count February 29th, so you have an extra day to get back on schedule. (And yes I was behind, and yes I am now currently caught up) A friend’s post on facebook this morning made me laugh quite a bit.  It read:


4 years ago today i asked mary (name changed by blogger) to marry me. knowing how women like to celebrate important dates i figure proposing on a day like today has saved us a couple hundred bucks. i love you dear and we can celebrate again in 4 more years


On a truly exciting note, my husband fixed the bathroom shelves yesterday.  I am so happy.  The bathroom is very small, and while I am so grateful for it, it seems to have been getting on my nerves quite a bit lately.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting bigger (36 weeks and counting!), or if it’s just being grumpy about it.  But Titus fixed all the shelves and I was able to move all the towels and bottles and things into the closet.  I’ve gained probably two feet of space and it’s amazing.  Now I can bring in a chair to sit on while James takes a bath and I won’t have to hurt my back by sitting on the toilet.  And I was able to save two shelves for the new baby’s clothes.  I wasn’t sure where I was going to put them since all our dressers seem to be full, but now I have a spot! Now I want to wash some clothes just to put them in there so I can see them. Oh happy day.

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