What does map dot mean anyway?

We live pretty much in the middle of no where.  The town I grew up next to doesn’t have a stop light, and has a one way road that only lasts a block.  The town my husband grew up in is the same way, although his can boast a few more people than mine can (I think it’s about 500 to 2000).  We are 60 minutes from the closest Wal-Mart, the movie theaters are only open on weekends, and there is a tractor supply store in almost every town.

Basically a map dot is a town that doesn’t have anything to brag about, except that they made it on the map! Actually, I’m not totally sure the town I grew up next to is even ON most maps.


And you know what?  We love it.  So here it is: most likely a fairly boring blog about a small town, dairy-farming dad, stay at home mom, and rambunctious son.  Stay tuned!!


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