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Leap Year Post!

One simply MUST add a post on leap day since you can’t do it again for another 4 years.  Even if the post is a rambling mess that doesn’t really mean much, it still must be done!!


I’m rather disappointed in leap day.  I think we should have parties, or a parade, or something fun to celebrate.  It is after all a very interesting day when you really think about it.  The most exciting thing I have found out so far today is that Bible reading plans don’t count February 29th, so you have an extra day to get back on schedule. (And yes I was behind, and yes I am now currently caught up) A friend’s post on facebook this morning made me laugh quite a bit.  It read:


4 years ago today i asked mary (name changed by blogger) to marry me. knowing how women like to celebrate important dates i figure proposing on a day like today has saved us a couple hundred bucks. i love you dear and we can celebrate again in 4 more years


On a truly exciting note, my husband fixed the bathroom shelves yesterday.  I am so happy.  The bathroom is very small, and while I am so grateful for it, it seems to have been getting on my nerves quite a bit lately.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting bigger (36 weeks and counting!), or if it’s just being grumpy about it.  But Titus fixed all the shelves and I was able to move all the towels and bottles and things into the closet.  I’ve gained probably two feet of space and it’s amazing.  Now I can bring in a chair to sit on while James takes a bath and I won’t have to hurt my back by sitting on the toilet.  And I was able to save two shelves for the new baby’s clothes.  I wasn’t sure where I was going to put them since all our dressers seem to be full, but now I have a spot! Now I want to wash some clothes just to put them in there so I can see them. Oh happy day.

Is it you or me?

My sister posed an interesting question to me last time I was at my parents house.  She asked, “When you are annoyed by someone do you generally think it’s because of you, or because of them?”  I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the last few days.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been quite grumpy these last few days and many things have been annoying me that usually I just shrug off.  For instance, it’s greatly bothered me lately that my husband generally doesn’t close cupboards and drawers when he opens them.  Most of the time I just close them and go on my way, but these last few days it really seems to tick me off.  My grumpy toddler is getting to me more too.  Plus he’s sick again, which also has me mad.  I wish I could figure out why he gets sick so much.

So why am I grumpy?

Maybe it’s the weather.  Maybe it’s the fact that our new baby is coming in little over a month and I’m starting to stress about it.  Maybe it’s hormones.  Maybe it really IS all the other people. 🙂  Maybe it’s because I feel like I’m letting my family down when I don’t have it together.  Which then makes me even more grumpy.  Maybe I need to get out of the house more.  Maybe I haven’t spent the time I should be reading my Bible and praying. Who really knows.

But to answer my sister’s question, I think most of the time it’s my fault when people annoy me. Not being tolerant and grumpy towards other people will always have at least something to do with me.  Some of the time I guess it really is other people’s fault, but for the most part it’s my attitude towards them.  Which, when I think about it in my grumpy state, doesn’t make me feel a whole lot better!! 🙂

Watching Mommy

My son James does everything with me.  We clean together, watch movies together, play together, read together, and half the time we sleep together.  He’s always been on the clingy side, even when he was really little.   Now I’m not going to say it’s been easy, because it hasn’t been.  I started out washing dishes with one hand when he was a baby, and now he stands on a chair next to me.  While I’m washing the dishes he ‘helps’ by throwing in everything he can get his hands on, whether it’s dirty or not.  But as he is getting older I can see how much he is learning, just by being glued to me all the time.  In the last few weeks he has astonished me with what he knows, just by watching.

  • He knows that you sweep dirt into a dust pan and then empty it in the trash can.
  • He knows you talk into cell phones, brush your hair with a brush, use cue-tips to clean ears, and you blow your nose on a Kleenex.
  • He knows how to turn on the vacuum and use the wand. He even knows the places around the living room that I use the wand on.
  • He knows how to clean out the kitchen sink plug by beating it against the side of the trash can! (Seriously, I watched him take the plug out of the sink, climb down off the chair, walk to the trash can and beat it on the inside to clean it.  Then he brought it back to me!!)
  • He knows that garlic cloves go into the press.

At the rate he is going he’ll be a great cook and an excellent house cleaner in just a few years. But what else is he learning, just by watching?  Is he watching when I get upset because something didn’t go my way?  Is he watching when I raise my voice against something I don’t like?  Is he watching me when I talk to other people?  A safe guess would be yes.  It has made me see how much of a role model I am and how my life can greatly affect his.  I hope he also is watching when I say a quick prayer, or when I’m reading my Bible.  What things am I valuing that maybe I shouldn’t, because he just might be watching?

It’s kind of weird to think of being inspired to live a better, more godly life by a one year old.  But on the other hand, this is the generation we are going to leave this world to.  So if the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, then I better make sure I’m rocking in a gentle, godly way.

What does map dot mean anyway?

We live pretty much in the middle of no where.  The town I grew up next to doesn’t have a stop light, and has a one way road that only lasts a block.  The town my husband grew up in is the same way, although his can boast a few more people than mine can (I think it’s about 500 to 2000).  We are 60 minutes from the closest Wal-Mart, the movie theaters are only open on weekends, and there is a tractor supply store in almost every town.

Basically a map dot is a town that doesn’t have anything to brag about, except that they made it on the map! Actually, I’m not totally sure the town I grew up next to is even ON most maps.


And you know what?  We love it.  So here it is: most likely a fairly boring blog about a small town, dairy-farming dad, stay at home mom, and rambunctious son.  Stay tuned!!

We made it!

we finally made it to a blog. Chantal has been wanting one for a long time and now it is finally here.